I offer coaching, speaking, gifts, and getaways to help you create a life you love. My intention is to inspire you to live authentically expressing your unique voice and talents and creating more vitality, strength, lightness, courage, prosperity, and joy in your life!


Don’t ask what the world needs, ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.

Howard Thurman

Welcome to The Grateful Goddess, where resilience, healing, and the beauty of life’s journey intersect. I have not only had my share of life’s challenges, it is why I became a life and business coach dedicated to helping others navigate their transitions.

Life has a remarkable way of surprising us, weaving a tapestry of unexpected twists and turns that often lead to profound transformations. From navigating the depths of divorce, job loss, a life-threatening health scare, and other losses to the exhilaration that each loss creates in new beginnings – each chapter has shaped me in ways I couldn’t have imagined.

At The Grateful Goddess, we celebrate the journey of healing and transformation. Whether navigating a health challenge, a relationship or career shift, seeking inspiration, or simply embracing the beauty of life’s ups and downs, you’ll find support and your inner strength here.

Welcome to a place where hope shines bright, and every setback is simply a stepping stone towards a brighter tomorrow. I am here to guide you through your transitions, helping you emerge stronger and more empowered than ever before.