Heal Your Mind & Body Through Dance ~ Uzo Nwankpa

The moment I met Uzo I knew I wanted to spend more time in her gorgeous energy. From her soft, gentle voice to her unbridled dance moves, this woman truly dances to the song in her soul. Originally from Nigeria, Uzo explains the difference in our culture in that we separate out dance from our everyday lives. I love the visual she paints of incorporating a dance and/or song for cleaning, shopping, dressing, eating, gardening, etc. Every action has a rhythm and a movement and a cause for celebration. It sounds like living in a true state of presence and gratitude, and I am all for that! Previously an RN in an intensive care unit, Uzo has seen the debilitating side of stress, pain and illness and wanted to contribute to this world in a more positive way, and thus, The Uzo Method was formed. Partnering with Richard Noel, a gifted drummer and non-stop ball of beautiful fire, the two facilitate dance and movement techniques for all ages, walks of life and physical abilities. And all indications show it’s working – dance really does heal!

Watch the interview here and see what I mean about her beautiful radiance…

For more info on The Uzo Method, a calendar of events and/or how to book them for workshops and events, go to theuzo.com

You can also like them on facebook at The Uzo Method Project

Promo video


Dance is the reason I smile everyday @uzomethod, #thegratefulgoddess

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  • Such a fun post! I think we all need to learn to really play more. Stress and energy are huge issues for so many people. It’s great that the remedy can also be lots of fun!

  • Oh my God, I wish Uzo would be in my neighborhood!! I loooove African drums and I for one cannot sit still when I hear the rhythm – it raises my energy immediately!
    I totally believe dancing and movement in general helps in the healing process and yes, it should be prescribed by doctors 🙂 I’m sure this could replace lots of anti-depressives…
    I love how the idea came from being a registered nurse and a fitness instructor – when two ideas come together, usually great things come from it!

  • Thanks Shay and Anja! Yes, I wish there was an Uzo in every neighborhood, what a joyful and less stressed world we would be!

  • Oh wow, great post! Thanks for introducing us to Uzo and her dance method, Sheila. I love dancing and the drums this definitely puts me on a good mood!

  • My kids love to dance. They come in from school and blast Lady Gaga or anything funky. The more I allow myself to get involved in their impromptu dance-offs the better I feel. I cannot dance without smiling. It’s supreme self-care. Thanks for the introduction to Uzo and her work to incorporate dance into health care.

  • I love how she has integrated all of her experiences into such a positive and uplifting experience. I am certain I would feel different if I thought about my daily movements as a dance instead of chores! Hopefully, Uzo will have great success in reaching out to the doctors and health care providers. There is so much to be gained from people moving their bodies to music – it is a wonderful way to regain that sense of feeling and being that is so needed in any recovery or healing process. Thanks Sheila for sharing Uzo + Richard!

  • So GORGEOUS, SO FREE, what a goddess! Thank you so much for sharing Uzo’s beautiful moves. No wonder they are healing! Such a high level of self expression is so raw and lovely to see. We should all give it a try! AV

  • I have danced since I was a young child, and even “professionally”…I truly appreciate this post. Dance is AMAZING and definitely changes our vibration on every level. Thanks so much for sharing Uzo and the wisdom she has been blessed with and is sharing with the world. AMAZING PEOPLE MAKE AMAZING THINGS HAPPEN….thanks to you both for being amazing in all ways…

  • I’m a little shocked there was ONLY a 61% increase in energy level, because just in reading and watching this, mind has tripled! Love her quote, “dance is the reason I smile everyday”. If there were ever a reason to dance, she has named it. Gorgeous and soul lifting! Thank you!

  • WOW. I cannot believe all the positive comments and the belief in this method of healing. Thank you all so much for the support. My love for dance is what gets me up and moving when I’m down. I have learned to do the things I love instead of the things i’m supposed to love. Thanks Sheila for this wonderful opportunity. You are a true Goddess.

  • Awesome conversation between two beautiful and special women. I enjoyed this presentation and having experienced what Uzo and Richard does, I can truly attest to the value of what they bring to community events in Tucson. It is fun, uplifting, stimulating and just a feel good in mind, body, and spirit experience.

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